Turtleneck Soup


T . U . R . T . L . E . N . E . C. K . S . 

Your best friend this season. 

- Eli



Trousers: & Other Stories (sold out, similar here and here)

Top: Zara

Clutch: Nasty Gal (sold out, similar here)

Sunnies: Asos (similar here)

Booties: Zara (similar here and here)

Pop Quiz

Pinstripe Big Picture.jpg

What do you do when you see a massive, colorful mural?

A) Instagram it

B) Desperately try to get your friend's attention so they'll take your picture(s) in front of it

C) Jump around like a fool

D) Combine all of the above for an impromptu photo shoot


Obviously, the asnwer is secret option E:

Get some ice cream and come back to stare at it while contemplating life

Pinstripes Details Cropped.jpg
Pinstripe Ballet.jpg
Pinstripe Angle.jpg
Pinstripe Semi-Warrior Cropped.jpg


Coords: Zara (top and pants)

Shoes: H&M (similar here)

Sunnies: Asos (similar here and here)

The Essential Summer Coat

Kimono Swag.jpg

Sometimes summer isn't about breezy dresses and short skirts. 

Maybe you're in the mood for something more than your go-to denim cut-offs.  

Maybe you just want to wear a kimono...



Kimono Fly.jpg
Kimono Straight.jpg
Kimono Despondent.jpg
Kimono Detail.jpg
Kimono Fun.jpg


Kimono coat: Asos

Pants: Asos

Crop Top: Zara (sold out, similar here)

Sandals: Urban Outfitters (sold out, similar here and here)

Sunnies: Topshop (sold out, similar here and here)